There is a very special chemistry between the word “adhesive” and the name “Pujadas”.

Molecules join together to create more complex and stronger organisms. The same thing happens in the case of our company and our customers. We know that together we can go further, we can do more. These 120 years dedicated to the chemical industry have shown us that the sum of the parts generates inconceivable benefits. Producing good adhesive formulas, we produce satisfaction. And satisfaction is motivation. It is what unites us. Getting it right. Working together. Being one.

What can we manufacture for you?

Are you looking for a factory and a laboratory in southern Europe? Do you want to gain in flexibility and production capacity? Do you need international standards and best practices? Are you thinking of optimizing your logistics and warehouses? Do you want to develop your formulations and R&D capabilities? Are you exploring ways of optimizing your costs and supplies? Do you need technical advice?

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